is your mattress protector waterproof?

Our original mattress protector is water-resistant and is made up of 3 layers that protect your mattress. The top cotton layer wicks away moisture while you kip (a bonus for warmer sleepers). In the middle there’s a water resistant layer that protects your mattress against any surprise spills and thrills. And the bottom cotton layer adds even more protection while holding the protector in place on your mattress.

If you do have any surprise spills, we recommend cleaning them up in a jiffy as any liquid that sits on the protector for a while might soak through it. And we’d hate for your lovely jubbly mattress to get stained.

While the original mattress protector is water-resistant, the anti allergy mattress protector and temperature balancing protector are not. They do have other amazing qualities that might tickle your pickle, though. Take a look and see why.

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