what’s the difference between your mattress protectors?

Check out the differences between our protectors below: 

the mattress protector
 Our original mattress protector does exactly what it says on the tin:

  • It keeps your mattress protected and looking as good as new while being water-resistant in case of any surprise spills.
  • It also comes as a pillow protector.

the temperature balancing mattress protector

  • Our super duper clever protector (if we say so ourselves). It features clever fabric that was created by some clever folks for NASA.
  • Its temperature balancing fabric actively draws heat away from your body while you kip and releases it if your temperature drops below a certain point.
  • A perfect protector for sleepers that find it tricky to maintain their temperature at night, whether they’re too hot or too cold.
  • It also comes as a pillow protector. 

the anti allergy mattress protector:

  • A protector that adds another layer of comfort to bedtime. With its quilted top layer, you’re nicely cushioned while you sleep
  • True to its name, it is made with breathable natural cotton that allows air to circulate easily (which stops things from getting stuffy while you’re snoozing)
  • We even treated its filling with a natural anti-allergy treatment which protects against dust mites. Making it a top option for anyone with allergies.
  • It also comes as a pillow protector.


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