I'm worried my mattress has a strong smell

We’re sorry to hear that the smell coming from your new eve mattress is bothering you. This is simply its ‘box fresh’ smell which is totally harmless and won’t last long. Here are some handy tips to help it disappear…

  • Air it: Leave your new mattress in a room with the door shut and window open for as long as possible which will really help to air it out. This might be harder to do in colder weather, but even doing this for short periods of time will really help.
  • Hoover it: Another top tip is to give it a hoover. It sounds odd, but it can really help kick the smell.
  • Wash it: And finally, try washing the top panel of the mattress cover if the smell sticks around for more than a few days. Simply unzip it, check its washing instructions, throw it in the machine and let it dry. Don’t wash the bottom part of the mattress cover or the mattress itself, though, as this will void your warranty.

If you’ve tried the above and still aren’t happy, or you’ve got any worries, simply get in touch with our Customer Experience team by filling in this form.

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