why was my order cancelled?

Sorry to hear that your order has been cancelled. We’re happy to provide the following tips to help explain why this might’ve been the case:

your location

If you use your UK card outside of the UK, some banks block the transaction. This tends to be the case for people who use VPN on their devices.

the billing address

The billing address you provided during checkout needs to be the one that your bank knows. The delivery address can be different, though.

the 3D-secure "processes"

This is the additional security layer for online transactions. You’ll need to approve the transaction with the 3D secure “process”. Each bank has its own way to do 3D secure (e.g. text messages, in-app steps, etc). If this didn’t work properly at the time, we’d recommend checking with your bank.

your banking limit

This doesn’t mean that you don’t have enough funds in your bank account. But some banks block transactions depending on any weekly or monthly limits that you might have in place. So it’s a good idea to double check with your bank on this.

We recommend following the above tips and contacting your bank before you try to place another order. If your new order doesn’t go through for the second time, simply get in touch with us by filling in this form.

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