I’m thinking of returning my eve mattress, what’s the next step?

We’re sorry to hear it’s not a match made in heaven. You can return your mattress at any time, but we recommend giving it until at least the 30 night mark before returning it. That’s because we find that the mattress will mould to your body by then.

If it’s past the 30 day mark, we recommend rotating your mattress by 180 degrees (not flipping it) for even wear and tear. Other things to check are that you’re sleeping on the correct side. This should be the side with the eve label stitched into it, unless you have a lighter foam or lighter hybrid mattress. In that case, simply make sure the handles are facing down onto your bed frame. And finally, double check that your bed frame is supporting your mattress in all the right ways. Slatted bed frames are best, with gaps no bigger than 7.5 cm.

If you’re set on returning your mattress, not a problem. You’re covered by a 1 year trial and returning it couldn’t be easier. Get in touch with our Customer Experience team via this form to get the ball rolling. 

And don’t worry about rolling it back up or attempting to squeeze it back into a box. You’d have to be The Incredible Hulk to do that (in which case, the floor is yours).

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