what's the difference between the pillows?

Let us break our pillows down for you right here:

  • the memory foam pillow: Memory foam pillows are a big hit with sleepers across Britain for their ability to mould to your body and provide top notch support to your head and neck. This is great news for back sleepers with neck pain or those who need knee support while they zzz away.
  • the microfibre shaper pillow: Possibly the cleverest of fillings, microfibre pillows have a sublimely soft filling on the outside with a firm filing in the middle, giving you the best of both worlds. Ours is the best pillow for side sleepers, but also suits all types of sleepers. A true all-rounder, you could say.
  • the snuggle pillow: The snuggle pillow is stuffed with a glorious blend of cosy microfibres that give it a fancy hotel pillow-type feel. Making it a perfect match for tummy sleepers. With a 100% cotton cover that’s supremely soft to touch, it’s the kind of pillow that makes you jump into bed and not want to leave the next morning.
  • the fluffable feather pillow: Here’s one for bedtime softies who love to sink into feathers, but want juuust the right amount of support too. This pillow’s genius design means its supportive duck feather-filled inner is surrounded by the softest duck down, for stay-plump luxurious comfort all night long. A 100% cotton cover tops it off for all-natural zzz’ing Xanadu.

Check out our pillow buying guide for handy tips on finding the right one for you.

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