how to set up the mattress once it’s arrived?

Let’s break it down into easy nuggets: 

  • First, get an extra pair of hands to help unbox your eve if you can. Then, pop your mattress box in the place you’d like to unpack it (ideally on your bed frame).
  • Then, lay the box down sideways on top of your bed. Try and hold off from climbing on and pulling the covers over you just yet - there are still a few more steps to go.
  • Next, open out both ends of the box and push the mattress through onto your bed. We recommend keeping the box in case you want to build a fort later.
  • Carefully remove the outer plastic film (no knives or scissors please). Now it’s probably time to pop the kettle on. 
  • Time for the fun bit: unrolling your brand spanking new eve. It’s pretty impressive watching how quickly it grows, eh?
  • Once it’s opened all the way out, flip it like a gymnast on Pancake Day. The handles need to be facing down on the bed frame. And the yellow eve label needs to face upwards (apart from on the lighter foam or lighter hybrid mattress). Now position the mattress centrally, making sure the eve label is at the front of the bed. 

All that's left to do now is to tear the protective plastic covering off and wait for it to inflate. Then the job’s a good'un. It normally takes 4 - 6 hours, but it can take up to 72 hours. Best go make that cuppa, eh?


*Our mattress unpacking guide is attached below. 


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