do you offer discounts?

Absolutely. Sometimes we’ll run a discount on everything. And other times we’ll do a discount on specific sleep goodies. We’ll always have details of this on our website. And sometimes we might shout about it in our email newsletter, too.

Discounts can only be used once per order. We’ll often apply a discount on a product automatically so there’ll be no need to enter a code. But if we do need you to enter the code, we’ll make it super clear and easy.

top tips

  • If you need to pop in the discount code yourself, make sure you’re 100% happy with your basket first. If you change your basket after this, the code might not work. It’s a techy thing we’re working hard to resolve, but until then we’d recommend being happy with your basket before adding your code to avoid disappointment.
  • And if we’re offering free sleep goodies with the purchase of another product, you might have to add them to your basket to receive them. We’ll make sure to point this out, though.
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