how firm are your mattresses?

All of our mattresses give you medium support and each has a slightly different feel. Take our premium foam mattress which has a nice deep cushioning feel. This differs from our original hybrid mattress which has lighter cushioning on top. Check out our firm scale below, with 1 being hard and 10 being soft.

  • the premium hybrid mattress - 4

  • the lighter mattress - 4 

  • the original mattress - 5

  • the original hybrid mattress - 5

  • the lighter hybrid mattress - 5

  • the premium mattress - 5

If you slept on your old mattress for some time or it was worn out, it might take you a while to adjust to your new eve mattress. So don’t be alarmed if it feels really firm at first. It’s totally normal and we like to think of it as breaking in a new pair of shoes. Luckily, our 1 year trial gives you plenty of time to get acquainted.

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